Interview Questions

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  1. What is the difference between Kubernetes and Openshift.
  2. What is the difference between docker container and virtual machine.
  3. How to go inside a docker container, which command we need to use.
  4. What is the key benefits docker container provides, why industry moving towards it.
  5. How to deploy a war archive into docker container runtime from scratch.
  6. What types of nodes we have in Openshift.
  7. What is the role of Master, Infra and Worker nodes in Openshift.
  8. What all services running in master and Infra nodes.
  9. What is PV and PVC in Openshift.
  10. What is Secret and ConfigMap in Openshift.
  11. How to check if all nodes configured in openshift cluster is healthy.
  12. How to list all Pods belongs to a specific project.
  13. What All pods we have in default project.
  14. How many types of network plugin we have in openshift by default.
  15. What is the difference between ovs-subnet and ovs-multitenant network policy plugin.
  16. How the network packet flow between pod – to – pod communication.
  17. What all SSL termination supported in openshift.
  18. What is ETCD in openshift, why we need to install it in odd numbers.
  19. Steps to backup openshift etcd metadata.
  20. How to Install, Highly available multi dc openshift cluster.
  21. What is Horizontal Pod Autoscaling in openshift.
  22. What is replication controller in openshift.
  23. What is deamonset in openshift.
  24. How to increase the pod count , scale up the pod replicas in openshift.
  25. What is pod crashloopback status in openshift, how to troubleshoot.
  26. What is openshift router, can we have more than one router pods?
  27. What is router sharding in openshift.
  28. What will be DMZ configuration in Openshift.
  29. What is the Ingress traffic management in openshift
  30. What is egress traffic in openshift, and what all configurations it requires.
  31. What is service in openshift.
  32. How the incoming traffic will be distributed among pods, who will do LB work.
  33. How block chain and service mesh related to Openshift.
  34. What all Stages we have in openshift pod lifecycle.
  35. How ansible is associated with openshift, can we install it without ansible ?
  36. What is CRI-O in openshift.
  37. What is side car proxy in openshift.
  38. What is Tun0 and Vxlan in openshift.
  39. What is Gluster storage configuration with openshift.
  40. What is DTR ( Docker Trusted Registry ) and how it’s different from docker registry.


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